Full Service Design-

This design is 100% tailor-made, unique to each individual as it should be!  Tasha is ready to assist on all aspects of the design process. Starting with conceptual design and finish material selections, to fully furnishing your space and placing the final accessories.  I’ll transform your space into a functional and beautiful space with the use of furnishings, fabrics, accessories and a bit of vintage (if that's what you're into).  

Designer For a Day

Whether you just moved into a home or are in need of some fresh ideas for place you’ve lived in for years.  Tasha is available for a 3.5 hour consultation to get your project moving in the right direction. Rates start at $699.

Here is what that day could look like-

Starting off with your laundry list of design questions, I will make a plan to help guide you to your goals, even after I leave for the day. 

Say one of your goals is to pull together your living and dining rooms. I will assess existing pieces, measure and space plan the sizes of any new furniture. I will also make style recommendations + share my favorite sources. From there we will move around furniture and accessories working with what you currently have to make the space as functional and stylish as possible (until your new pieces arrive). 

Say we have an hour left… let’s hit up the local thrift store!  I will browse the isles for accessories, furnishings and art that could work in your space.  Upon you purchasing the pieces and if time allows- we can zoom back to your home and quickly style them in the “new” space. 

 Once the 3.5 hours are up, we will part ways and you will be left with your detailed “To Do” list. 

This service is only available to the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

Please share more about you + your project!

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