Photo:  Michael J Spear  


 Founder, Interior Designer +  Vintage Treasure Hunter

Tasha Schultz, aka Granny Tash heads up tchotchkes design studio, a full service interior design firm and curated collection of vintage home goods. Founded in 2017, Tasha brings over 7 years of design experience to tchotchkes design studio.

Believer that a beautiful home doesn't consist of all "new" but vintage, modern and slightly quirky pieces living together in harmony.  A home should reflect the inhabitants not look like the page out of a catalog, keep it weird + true to you.

Inspired By-  Flea Markets, Previous Decades,  Modernity, Grimy Thrift Shops, The Great Outdoors, Vintage Seascapes, Simplicity, Vintage Architecture, Folks Doing Their Own Thing and Doing It Well.