| Norman Creek Kitchen- Before + After |

This project started with a 20 year old kitchen, which felt rather closed off in an open concept townhome. The main challenges of the project were-

  • Opening up the kitchen to the rest of the home while optimizing storage and countertop space (while removing a major wall)

  • A window in the kitchen (more on that below)


I’m sure the clients would appreciate me sharing this is the townhome when they first purchased it.. they do not in fact have a collection of roosters, faux foliage + painfully traditional furniture.


You’re likely wondering why we removed the window… it limited us (A LOT) with the design and symmetry of the kitchen. Especially since we lengthened the wall of cabinets to optimize storage and countertop space. The clients had to propose the removal of the window to the HOA board for approval. The request was approved + chattered about around the neighborhood afterwards. :) The removal of the wall allowed more light to shine in from the back of the home, and of course allowed the open concept the clients wanted.

In 3 short months the kitchen went from outdated 90’s builder grade to the clients timeless dream kitchen. The clients hosted their neighbors + HOA board members to show them their new kitchen, and share just why that window had to go.



This project was done in collaboration with Fox Homes. Built by Laurel Builders.

When we started this project the objective was to open up the main level living area that was constricted by a huge wall and an exterior window. As you can see in the photos the wall and window are gone and we now have our dream kitchen-dining-living room open concept.

From the beginning of our project when you presented us with detailed drawings design options – which helped us visualize what was possible – to working and documenting all the build-outs, appliances, and hardware with our contractor and subs were managed in a professional and timely matter. We have done other remodel projects and your fantastic follow-up and communication is greatly appreciated and made the 3-month project fun. You had to referee between my wife and me when it came to form (her) vs function (me) and you showing all available options to reach a compromise truly saved our marriage!

We hosted Christmas this year with 4 generations of family and the open concept and specifically the kitchen passed the test of comfortably accommodating over 25 ‘cooks in the kitchen’.

Thanks to Tchotchkes Design Studio for helping us build our dream home. Because of you we completed our project on time and within budget.
— Mike + Kathy

| California Avenue Kitchen- Before + After |

1940’s charm meets “updated” + seriously un-functional. This kitchen previously had VERY little countertop and storage space, which is all too common in homes of this era. The appliances, countertops and flooring were updated (I suppose) but did not fit into the 1940’s charm of the rest of the home.

Goals for new kitchen- more countertop space + storage, paying homage to the vintage character of the home while modernizing. Gas range! Open up old doorway to create better flow. New flooring to be cohesive with rest of home.

This project is part of the #tchotchremodel series.




After photos taken by Francois Et Moi